Mobility - May, 2007: “The Erosion of Service in the Relocation Industry” - An analysis of the transformation of the global mobility industry, the root causes of underperformance and how the industry can turn itself around. Also, why corporate clients are not happy-despite third party suppliers who deliver services for free!

Global HR News - March, 2007: An interview covering such diverse topics as leadership, CEO’s, corporate culture, the role of human resources, mergers and acquisitions and the survival of relocation companies.

National Relocation & Real Estate Magazine - February, 2002: “The Horsepower Behind GMAC GRS, Global Outsourcing Drives GMAC into the Fast Lane” - A view of how global outsourcing trends fueled the growth of a new competitor in the mobility industry and how leadership, targeted organizational positioning and the credibility and integrity of GM created an industry leader.

Working Woman - June, 1989: “When the Honeymoon’s Over: How to Tell How You’re Really Doing” – Two executives who made it through trials by fire show how it’s done and what to look out for when you’re taking over new, major responsibilities.