II. Specialized Global Mobility
and Corporate Relocation Industry Services

Corporate Relocation and Asset Management Services: Financial and performance audits covering every aspect of the relocation process.

We partner with corporations seeking an objective overview and analysis of the competitive global mobility industry. Who are the players?
How will each competitor work with the unique needs of your organization?
What are the challenges and hidden pitfalls of the industry?
What are the critical questions to ask?
What do you need to not only ask – but observe?

We can provide everything from an exhaustive overview of the marketplace and detailed global and national mobility trends – to working with your human resources and procurement organization to design and manage the entire RFP process from beginning to end.

Specific features of our services include:

For corporations utilizing third party relocation firms or managing their own mobility program in house, we offer a specialized home inventory oversight program. Designed to ensure properties are being expertly marketed and managed to minimize your costs, we personally inspect the homes and review in detail each home marketing strategy. This program is delivered by experts in home inventory management with no less than twenty years’ experience – through good –and bad – real estate markets!

We also offer presentations and seminars designed for real estate companies seeking to better understand the corporate relocation industry. These sessions – conducted at your facility – are designed for your management team and, perhaps, key members of your own relocation team. This session, typically 1-2 hours in length, will provide invaluable insights into the industry and help you determine how best to compete for lucrative corporate business. This program can also be tailored for corporations preparing to procure a mobility supplier.

Specific topics covered in these seminars include: