Speaking Engagements and Recent Keynote Speeches

"Global Leadership Challenge Presentation"
Global HR Conference, London - November 27, 2007
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“Why Companies Have Problems and How to Fix Them – in 30 minutes!”
Global HR Conferences, Chicago, New York City

“Talent Recruitment & Retention, Workforce Diversity, Outsourcing & Offshoring, The Future Role of HR”
Canadian Employee Relocation Council, Niagara Falls, Canada

Keynote and Seminar Topics:

“Corporate Leadership and the Success of Organizations”
An examination of why leadership – the single most controllable factor in organizational success or failure – is so critical in the rapidly changing and challenging business environment. A look at some of the surprising characteristics of great leaders and the most common mistakes of failed leaders. A sometimes contrarian view of some of today’s accepted theories of leadership.

“The Three Degrees of Differentiation: Ensuring Your Company Stays On Top!”
What companies need to do to avoid becoming a low-price commodity? How have some market leaders met the challenge of differentiating themselves in a standardized world?

“Corporate Relocation: The Competitive View”
Who are the third party relocation players – in the U.S. and around the world? What are the characteristics of the various firms and how are they competing with each other? What do companies need to look for before engaging a mobility provider? What major changes will occur in the next few years?

“Global Mobility Trends”
Surprising trends in the movement of corporate employees around the world. How globalization and major sociological trends have changed the business world.

“Private Equity: Devil or Savior?”
An analysis of the timely issue of private versus public ownership; a look at the way private equity ownership can change the direction of an organization. Dispels many of the common misconceptions of private equity ownership! A balanced viewpoint with surprising insights into a growing force in the economy and markets today.

“How Companies Treat – and Sometimes Mistreat – the Three Major Stakeholders: Employees, Customers and Shareholders”
A look at the age-old question of who comes first: employees, customers or shareholders?. Why identifying the correct answer can be the most critical element of your corporate strategy.

“US Business Practices & Management Style: How the Unique American Way is Changing Business Leadership Around the World –and How the Rest of the World is Changing American Business”
A provocative look at the unique US based management practices and leadership style and how it can be a positive – or negative force in the global business world. Intended for non-US business leaders and audiences, this can provide challenging and useful information and approaches in understanding and dealing with American business leaders and what common US practices you may want to think further about . . .

“Corporate Culture and Communication”
How these often underestimated factors can determine organizational success. Why leaders need to pay close attention and what are the tell tale clues that an organization is on the right track – or about to be derailed!